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KAPELOU’s first project in Greece

Athens, Greece

One of the leading retailers in nursery and baby products in Greece chose KAPELOU to install an automation system in its warehouse. The children’s goods trade is still one of the most promising segments of the retail market. Moreover, sales of such goods have increased several-fold in recent years. The positive trend is particularly noticeable in the area of online sales.

Increased demand for children’s products has been seen in both online and offline sales around the world. Demand for children’s products is increasing worldwide. Sales are increasing both online and offline. And to keep up with the times and be competitive, retailers need to be flexible, listen to their customers and keep up with new trends. Given the number of SKUs in the warehouse of 20,000, the following tasks were defined to optimize the goods selection area:

  • speed up the product picking process;
  • automate the movement of goods from the picking area to the packaging area;
  • ensure careful lifting of goods to the storage area;
  • facilitate the work of the warehouse staff.
Project implementation period:
April 2021
Business sector:
E-commerce, DIY, Retail

The KAPELOU team developed a solution to automate the picking area in order to achieve the set goals. We also installed our own modular conveyor equipment, commissioned it and integrated it with the WMS.

We have installed:

  • driven roller KAPELOU® conveyor with a maximum load of 35 kg;
  • high-speed vertical KAPELOU® conveyor lift for handling up to 640 crates per hour.

The KAPELOU® vertical conveyor transports loads gently between levels. The conveyor handles all types of packaging: boxes, cartons, trays and pellets. And through precise positioning and calibration of the carriage, we guarantee smooth loading and unloading of boxes.

The movement of the orders from the vertical conveyor to the picking point is carried out by a driven roller conveyor manufactured by KAPELOU®. The roller conveyor has integrated ZPA logic (zero pressure zone), which maintains the distance between the boxes in the event of a roller conveyor section stoppage. Our conveyors are modularly configured and if the storage area is expanded, the required modules can easily be added, thereby building up an automation system of any complexity.

Every conveyor manufactured by KAPELOU® is equipped with new generation controllers and rollers, which ensure smooth start and stop movement and allow the required speed to be set.

Thanks to the automation solution from KAPELOU, the picking process is much faster, the workload on the staff is reduced, and the warehouse is more efficient.