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Automated two-level conveyor system and robot manipulator

SEBN UA, Ternopil region, Baykivtsy, Ukraine

SE Bordnetze-Ukraine LLC (SEBN UA) is a well-known manufacturer of cable and wire products for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche brands. The company is a Ukrainian branch of Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze a leading Japanese-German manufacturer of cable products in the field of automotive. SEBN UA has been operating in Ukraine for about 12 years. The production facilities are located in 4 locations and have a total area of ​​47 thousand square meters.

SEBN UA is constantly expanding, increasing production volumes and improving production processes to produce high-quality cable products for cars.

One of the main arguments for SEBN UA in choosing KAPELOU was the fact that we develop comprehensive solutions that are adapted to individual needs and implement them “turnkey”.

The main objectives of the project:

  • to develop the optimal solution for automation of additional area by 90 m2;
  • to ensure continuous operation of the system for production with an intensity of 24/7;
  • reduce manual movement of products;
  • speed up work of production;
  • integration of new equipment into the existing WMS system.
Project implementation period:
December 2018
Business sector:
Production, Automotive‌

At first, KAPELOU specialists defined the project goals, main tasks and carefully researched all business processes of the company. After that, we formed a working group headed by a project manager. This group includes: conceptualists, conveyor system engineers, logisticians, electrical engineers, programmers, analysts, installers and service engineers.

Our team of professionals has developed an individual project of site automation. The area of this section is 90 square meters. We also manufactured a conveyor system, performed installation, commissioning and integration of the system with the WMS warehouse.

During the project implementation it was established:

  • two-level conveyor system with a length of 50 m2;
  • vertical conveyor, designed to move trays between two levels of the conveyor system;
  • robot manipulator with a maximum payload of 80 kg.

The entire conveyor system is accumulative, which means that only those logical zones that currently move the tray work. Areas that are not involved in transporting cargo now are in standby mode.

The transport packages are recognized by means of photoelectric sensors, which is a starting signal for the actuation of the conveyor zone. The corresponding zone remains active until the end of the set interval, when the transport units stop coming to this section, or until the operation of the photoelectric sensor when the transport unit leaves the section. This method is specially designed to save electricity and extend the life of the system.

Another feature of this project is the robot manipulator series MOTOMAN from our partner company manufacturer Yaskawa. It is designed for palletizing/depalletizing and moving loads up to 80 kg with the help of a manipulator’s arm with a camera attached to it and a grip for trays. In automated mode, the robot moves the trays from the pallet to the conveyor, where they move to the processing stations and return to the robot filled or empty. After that, the robot installs the finished trays on the pallet.

The system installed by KAPELOU specialists is programmed for automatic transportation, lowering and raising of transport units, palletizing and depalletizing of transport trays. Thanks to a comprehensive solution from KAPELOU, a new technological line was installed at the SEBN UA plant according to an individually developed project. This has accelerated the processes of palletizing and depalletizing, increasing the productivity and efficiency of staff.

The mutual desire of KAPELOU and SEBN UA to implement innovations made it possible to create such a project using high-tech equipment. We thank SEBN UA for interesting projects and wish them further success in business development!