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Automation of production and finished goods warehouse

Korolivsky Smak, town Vlasovka, Svetlovodsk, Ukraine

TM “Korolivsky Smak” is a certified Ukrainian manufacturer and exporter of mayonnaise, sauces, mustard and other food products. Included in the TOP 10 sunflower oil producers in Ukraine. The company has worked on the market since 1992.

The first production of sunflower oil was launched in 2001. The line for the production of mayonnaise was put into operation at the enterprise in 2002. And the lines for the production of tomato products and mustard were launched seven years later. In 2017, the company neglected a new full-cycle complex for the processing of soybeans. By this time, the company already had a wide range of products and continues to expand its product positions every year.

The products of TM “Korolivsky Smak” are in demand, therefore the manufacturer, the company PP “Victor and K”, is actively developing and increasing warehouse space, by introducing automation in production.

The main tasks of the automation project:

  • automate the movement of raw materials between the floors of the production complex;
  • the ensured high productivity of transportation of finished products from the production area to the packaging area, up to 950 boxes per hour;
  • the reduction of staff time.
Project implementation period:
Summer 2019
Business sector:
Food retail (FMCG)

We have provided a comprehensive warehouse automation solution from consulting and project development to delivery, installation and customization. As part of the project, was integrated into a single system: a lift for 10 carriages, conveyor equipment manufactured by KAPELOU® and WCS software.

The solution provided:

  • the productivity at the level of 950 boxes per hour;
  • the automatic feeding of boxes to the elevator using driven roller conveyors KAPELOU®;
  • the gentle movement of loads up to 50 kg simultaneously from different floors.

It was not an easy task to synchronize the supply of goods from different levels to one lift to unite the production floors with one automation system. But thanks to the experience of implemented projects, we have found a solution. The automation system in a continuous flow lowers boxes with finished products from all three floors into the packaging area. Thanks to the project, the “Korolivsky Smak” company has reduced staff time and storage costs.