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Warehouse automation in 7 days

Boryspil, Ukraine

Epicentr K is the leader of the Ukrainian retail market. This is a group of companies with fully domestic investments. The national network united 73 Epicentr shopping centers and 11 Nova Liniya hypermarkets, 51 INTERSPORT sporting goods stores. In addition, the group includes logistics, production and agro-industrial facilities.

In 2016, the company launched an online store. For three years of work epicentrk.ua became one of the market leaders. The site is visited by 14 million users and knocks down more than 160 thousand purchases per month. Buyers are actively using the possibility of self-pickup of online purchases from Pickup point in the shopping centers of the network. Boryspil has one of the largest and most visited shopping centers, with an area of ​​25,000 m2.

One of the principles of Epicentr K is the maximum satisfaction of the buyer’s needs. To provide the best service and fast operation of the warehouse at the point of issuing online purchases of the popular shopping center in Borispol, the company turned to the KAPELOU team for a solution.

The main objectives of the project:

  • automate the movement of collected orders from the storage area to the delivery area;
  • to provide automatic lifting of the completed orders in a zone of temporary storage;
  • simplify the work of warehouse staff.
Project implementation period:
December 2020
Business sector:
E-commerce, DIY, Retail

It’s no secret that deadlines for the project are a determining factor. In just 7 days, we implemented a project to automate the composition of the Pickup point in Boryspil. This was made possible by KAPELOU’s own production, standardization and modularity of conveyor equipment. That provides the minimum production time, absolute compatibility of sections of conveyors and fast installation of conveyor systems.

As a result, our client received a turnkey warehouse automation solution, which:

  • provides productivity to 600 boxes/hour;
  • moves the order between floors of a mezzanine on height of 6 m;
  • moves loads up to 35 kg;
  • carefully moves fragile goods.

By speeding up the warehouse, the ordering point can serve customers three times faster. The modernization of the warehouse, the national network “Epicentr K” has once again demonstrated its commitment to its basic principle – providing the best service to its customers.

Each project is a challenge, and a short-term project is a double challenge. We performed turnkey automation of the Pickup point warehouse: from developing a solution to putting the finished system into operation. The results of the automation project in Boryspil proved that KAPELOU solutions for the warehouse are effective, and implementation takes minimal time.