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Project in Germany for a cold storage warehouse. UnitHub

Castrop-Rauxel, Germany

Our customer is a supplier of raw materials for the production of animal feed in Germany. The raw materials are stored in boxes. The storage requires special climatic conditions. We took this special feature into account when defining the goals of the project in Germany and its realisation. In view of a further expansion, we defined the following tasks together with the client:

  • Developing equipment for automated cold storage, regular monitoring of the condition of the container’s contents (humidity, temperature) and relocation to different zones;
  • enable the most accurate measurement of the weight of a box with a tolerance of max. 2 grams;
  • maintaining a unique microclimate in the automated cold storage system;
  • taking into account the limited space – up to 100 m2;
  • ensuring a storage and handling capacity of 200 boxes of raw materials per day.
Project implementation period:
December 2022 - August 2023
Business sector:

Based on the customer’s request, we proposed a solution that met their needs 100% and was based on equipment manufactured by KAPELOU.

In order to store the client’s products at a temperature of +2 to 8 °C and a humidity of 75%, we developed a unique research and development product for cold storage – UnitHub®. It is equipped with a climate control equipment. This equipment enables the storage and dispensing of up to 200 boxes of raw materials per hour. This is realised thanks to the efficient use of the storage height on an area of 8 m2.

We have also installed conveyor equipment with a high-precision weighing module. Driven and non-driven roller conveyors move the boxes between the different handling zones. These zones can be roughly described as follows:

  1. Zone for checking the condition of the container contents;
  2. zone for sorting out;
  3. zone for the insertion of plastic containers with new raw materials;
  4. zone for the preparation of raw materials.

Technologies used in the cold storage warehouse project in Germany:

  • “goods-to-person”
  • Integration with the client’s WMS

Storage equipment in a cold storage warehouse in Germany:

With the realisation of the automation of a cold storage warehouse in Germany based on UnitHub, we have ensured the required performance. Similar products are in demand in many cold storage industries where specialisation is a must: Food industry, darkstore, micro-fulfilment and others. Let us advise you and we will find the right equipment for your storage needs.