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Mezzanine, conveyor system, vertical conveyor. Optimization of the storage and packaging area

Stockholm, Sweden

In July 2022 we completed a complex project for a multinational manufacturer of materials handling equipment. The customer’s focus is on intralogistics, manufacturing of forklifts and automated storage equipment.

The aim of the project was to develop a complete solution to increase the storage area and automate the storage processes. The first step was the installation of a 3-storey mezzanine based on shelving to increase the effective storage area. The second step was the automation of several storage areas.

Our team had to equip the storage and packaging area with a system of vertical and horizontal conveyors and integrate them into an overall system.

With the goal of being able to expand the entire system once again, the following tasks were defined:

  • Ensuring the automated transport of goods from the storage area to the packaging area;
  • establishing automated transport of goods from the 3-storey mezzanine floor;
  • facilitating the work of employees in the warehouse;
  • possibility of automated removal of up to 300 boxes per hour.
Project implementation period:
July 2022
Business sector:

The automation system consists of 100% in-house manufactured conveyor modules and proprietary software. A vertical conveyor ensures the smooth transport of plastic boxes from each level of the mezzanine in the storage area to the packaging area. The area for lowering the boxes is equipped with a safety net to ensure safe access to the system for employees.

A powered roller conveyor moves selected products from the storage area in plastic boxes to the packaging area, directly to the employee’s workstation. All conveyors are equipped with zone control with ZPA logic, which ensures that products are conveyed while maintaining a safe distance from each other. This ensures that all fragile products arrive at their destination intact.

Automated conveyor systems are a cost-effective approach for any warehouse due to their energy efficiency. And the modular design meets the scalability requirements of any business.

Systems used for the project:

Product throughput from the mezzanine is now much faster, goods are moved automatically from the storage area to the packaging area, and employee workload is reduced. All of this has had a positive impact on warehouse operations, making them more efficient.

An important aspect of the project was the speed of implementation. The installation and commissioning work was completed in just 4 days – thanks to the coordinated work of our KAPELOU installation team and the customer’s team.