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AGV. How automatic sorting in the warehouse 24/7?

AGV. How automatic sorting in the warehouse 24/7? - 8 -

A few months ago, OMEGA and KAPELOU announced the launch of an automated warehouse project. The concept provides for joint work of people and robots in the warehouse of the largest operator of the automotive components market in Ukraine. The project is of great interest because it has no analogues in our country. How is the work done that the partners managed to do during this time? Read in our article.

The development of e-commerce requires accelerating and improving the accuracy of order collection in warehouses and logistics centers. Automation, including the use of warehouse robots – an effective tool to improve warehouse operation. For example, through the use of warehouse robots, Amazon has reduced the operating costs of each warehouse by about 20%. And this is about $ 22 million in savings per year (editor’s note – according to the online media Business Insider).

Automatically controlled vehicles (AGVs) perform routine processes with high speed and accuracy, so their use in warehousing logistics is rapidly gaining momentum. E-commerce market leaders make extensive use of AGV in their warehouses.

The national market leader in automotive components, OMEGA, handles more than 16,000 SKUs daily. 72% of the share are small items, which are sorted manually and sent to customers “today-for-today”. To speed up the processing of small items and reduce operating costs, OMEGA and KAPELOU are introducing AGV sorting for the first time in Ukraine.

Thanks to KAPELOU’s flexible solution, sorting productivity is up to 8,000 cargo units per hour. The robots move goods weighing up to 5 kg and measuring 300×250 mm. You can see how AGV works on KAPELOU’s YouTube channel at the link.

In 15 minutes, the battery is charged to 80%, and the battery is fully charged for 4 hours. Such technical characteristics of AGV allow to process small-piece goods in a warehouse round the clock. In addition, robotic sorting solves the problem of seasonal fluctuations in demand for products, because the work can include the required number of robots.

According to the partners, the first stage of the project was implemented – the integration of software with AGV. The next stage is testing the shuttle box system. Follow the publications on how the project will be implemented in the future.

Read about the project announcement in the previous publication  People and robots — a revolutionary modernization of an automobile parts distributor


OMEGA – the largest distributor of auto components in Ukraine. For the last 30 years on the market. Member of Temot International. The company has more than 14,000 customers and more than 350 suppliers.

KAPELOU  – виробник роботизованого устаткування і постачальник комплексних рішень для складу, працює на ринку з 2013 року. Компанія реалізує проєкти автоматизації окремих ділянок і комплексну автоматизацію складу.

KAPELOU in numbers:
• own production: Sosnytsia 3,847 m2 and Kyiv 1,110 m2
• more than 200 employees
• more than 420 projects in Ukraine, Germany, Georgia and Bulgaria
• own R&D center

The company’s portfolio includes projects for the Epicenter K shopping center, ERC (Enhanced Resource Company), MOYO, Watsons Ukraine, Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze SE (SEBN), BaDM.

AGV – automated guided vehicle

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