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The relocation of the IT department

The relocation of the IT department - 8 -

Kharkiv is a city of industry and technology. It concentrates specialized universities that graduate specialists in engineering and automation. So where do we can create our innovations, if not in the heart of Kharkiv? This is where the progressive IT department of the R&D center KAPELOU is located, which moved to a new office on September 28. And this is a great opportunity to tell you about the team and its innovative developments, the implementation of which is proud of KAPELOU.

The progressive IT team includes specialists: Product Owner, Team Leader, Software Developer, Mbed Developer, QA Tester, Scrum Master, Technical Writer. The result of their fruitful work is WXS software – their own development, which is a key element of the automated warehouse. The system coordinates the flow of goods, storage equipment and personnel. It is a real breakthrough and the pride of KAPELOU, because it allows you to effectively manage processes in the warehouse, make them transparent and scale the customer’s business.

WXS allows you to create a system based on visual design, which can be easily implemented in the layout – to set a certain direction of movement, its logic, and so on. An example of a successfully implemented project using WXS is the case “Epicenter Kramatorsk”. Currently, 3 projects are in the implementation phase.

R&D Director Maxim Vzhesnevsky: “We are confidently and rapidly moving towards simplification, acceleration and accessibility of automatisation of warehouse logistics. The applicability of our development in projects and its practical significance is the highest reward and motivation. We get pleasure when we see the results of our work, which in turn pushes us further and further.

At first, the introduction of our own WXS was an interesting case and experience for us, but today it is the need for a modern approach and our competitive advantage. Our IT department solves old problems in new ways that scale the business. Its innovative developments allow him to implement large-scale projects”.

We are extremely proud of the progressive IT department and wish them easy adaptation to the new place and inspiration for new developments that will continue to change the world for the better!


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