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Warehouse equipment from the manufacturer – key to optimized processes

Warehouse equipment from the manufacturer – key to optimized processes - 8 - kapelou.com

In today’s world, where competition in the market is growing day by day, efficient management of warehouse operations is an important part of the success of any company.

Implementation of KAPELOU equipment and turnkey solutions for pallet and box handling, automation of picking, sorting, storage, transportation of goods, palletizing and depalletizing – all this allows companies to optimize warehouse operations and provide a high level of service to customers.

The use of warehouse equipment helps optimize space, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. For example, conveyor equipment and industrial robots help automate the movement of goods, reducing the time and effort required to process them. AS/RS GNOM® and UnitHub® provide efficient storage and dispensing, moving goods, reducing order fulfillment time. Buffer sequencers increase operator productivity and shorten picking routes by creating waves of orders and sequentially dispensing them in batches to workers’ workstations. In this article we will take a closer look at the various aspects of using the equipment we manufacture and its importance in optimizing warehouse processes.

Conveyor equipment from the equipment manufacturer KAPELOU

Driven roller conveyor for boxes

Automated warehouses for efficient operations

Driven roller conveyor for boxes is the equipment for increasing the speed of goods processing. This conveyor is excellent at moving boxes between different storage areas, allowing for a goods-to-person strategy and maximizing productivity.

The design of the drive roller is carefully considered to ensure reliability and smooth operation of the automation system. Our conveyor equipment uses advanced controllers and next-generation rollers to ensure smooth motion start and stop, minimize wear and tear on mechanisms and save energy. This ensures maximum efficiency and productivity in your warehouse.

Non-driven roller conveyor

The non-driven roller conveyor from KAPELOU is a modern warehouse equipment with a modular design that can be easily adapted to any warehouse logistics needs. The non-driven roller conveyor has many advantages, including robust construction, ease of use, short transportation times and easy integration into the warehouse ecosystem.

Driven conveyor for pallets

A fast and economical way to move up to 300 pallets per hour and save on energy costs is what the pallet conveyor from KAPELOU offers. This conveyor automates the movement of pallets, making it an important tool for increasing warehouse productivity. The driven pallet conveyor has a number of advantages, including: high speed of pallet handling, energy savings thanks to an optimized drive system, reliability and minimal maintenance.

Belt conveyor

Type of packaging for inclined belt conveyor

The belt conveyor is ideal for transporting small goods, trays and soft packaged goods between levels, speeding up operations and increasing productivity. A variation of the belt conveyor is the inclined belt conveyor. It quickly moves goods at an angle of up to 16° for order picking and is particularly effective in multi-level warehouses.

Storage systems in the warehouse

Storage is an important part of the logistics chain that affects the maintenance of goods and provides quick access to them. Each warehouse storage product has unique benefits and opportunities for space optimization. Below we tell you about each of them.

Mezzanine for storage. Mezzanine for storage is the ideal product for organizing efficient storage and inventory control, so you can maximize available space and quickly find what you need.

Platforms for storage. Platforms allow to efficiently and safely move pallets with goods in the warehouse. They are highly durable and reliable, making them ideal for any warehouse.

Warehouse racks for storage. Racks are flexible and efficient structures for storing goods, optimizing space and increasing productivity. In its arsenal we have different types of storage systems for your needs: shelving for small piece materials, сarton live storage racks, mobile and archive storage shelving, pallet racking, pallet flow racking, mobile pallet racking, сantilever racks. This variety of storage systems allows you to find the best option for any warehouse needs, providing convenient access to goods and efficient use of space.

KAPELOU is a manufacturer of gravity flow racks for pallets

Equipment for automated pallet storage in the warehouse

Our gravity flow racks for pallets are modular constructions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. As a manufacturer, we are quick to develop standardized solutions and implement them quickly.

One of the key advantages of our gravity racks is easy access to pallets. Compared to conventional racking, they provide much more compact storage. Each pallet is easily accessible because it is placed at the front of the rack and automatically moves forward. This makes pallet handling much easier and faster.

Storage racks from the manufacturer help to increase the speed of pallet handling, which is essential for optimizing logistics. Compact pallet storage and the absence of unnecessary aisles between racks increases storage space by up to 60%. This improves turnover and productivity, especially during picking and unloading.

Products from the manufacturer KAPELOU for automatic buffering, order picking and dispensing

A-FRAME. Automatic dispenser and warehouse technology specifically designed for buffering and dispensing of goods. Provides highly efficient picking of small-item products by automating picking processes.

A-FRAME distributes products from vertical channels into boxes, cartons or a belt conveyor that passes through the A-FRAME center. It is ideal for handling large order volumes with a low number of units per line. The equipment is especially useful for fulfillment centers serving individual online shoppers, as well as retail stores that generate orders for multiple boxes.

Buffer sequencer. An innovative equipment manufactured by us, based on conveyor belt equipment. Works on the technology “goods to person”, to form orders according to certain criteria. Integration of buffer sequencer allows to fully automate picking, improves the organization of sorting and order formation, provides efficient use of space and time, increases productivity and reduces energy costs.

Robotic storage of goods in the warehouse with AS/RS

AS/RS GNOM®. Another automated storage and retrieval system manufactured by KAPELOU. It can simultaneously place, buffer and pick up to four boxes at the same time. With the AS/RS GNOM® you can organize the automatic picking of a wave of orders in one robot pass and automate such tasks in the warehouse as tray placement, buffering, gravity replenishment and order picking. Suitable for various market segments – distribution, FMCG, electronics and others.

UnitHub®. An innovative storage and automatic order picking system that provides efficient handling of a large number of SKUs in a limited space and does not require the presence of employees. The main advantages of UnitHub® from the manufacturer are fast loading of goods, the use of a camera and specialized software, the ability to scale in height for efficient use of space and climate control to ensure optimal storage conditions.

Examples of KAPELOU turnkey solutions

With KAPELOU’s turnkey solutions for picking and fulfillment, vertical transport of boxes or pallets, packing, palletizing and depalletizing, you can quickly improve your warehouse processes without the extra cost of developing your own software or warehouse equipment.

For order picking and fulfillment

Complete picking and fulfillment solutions automate picking and fulfillment and ensure fast and accurate delivery to your customers. Automated order picking equipment helps increase productivity and efficiency of warehouse operations. The solution consists of the following equipment:

Driven roller conveyor. It is a reliable tool that moves goods in the warehouse. With energy savings and modular design, this conveyor provides optimal performance and flexibility in operation.

Gravity racks. Allow efficient utilization of warehouse space and quick unloading of goods. The universal storage system based on gravity tracks helps to increase turnover and reduce order picking errors. Gravity pallet racks of our production are characterized by much more compact storage compared to traditional racks.

Pick by Light. This product makes order picking easier with its intuitive interface and light prompts. It increases operator efficiency and helps avoid picking errors.

Together, these components create an integrated system that helps optimize warehouse operations and ensures fast and accurate picking.

For vertical movement of boxes

Lifting and lowering goods in the warehouse with a vertical elevator with two roller conveyor levels

A fast and reliable vertical conveyor for boxes from the manufacturer is the key to increasing the efficiency of warehouse operations. The KAPELOU vertical conveyor is compact, reliable and quiet, making it the ideal choice for moving loads between platform levels. The modular design makes it easy to integrate into your warehouse structure and the quick assembly reduces installation time.

For vertical pallet handling

Vertical pallet conveyors allow you to optimize warehouse space and efficiently move large quantities of goods between different warehouse levels. The KAPELOU vertical pallet conveyor is the ideal solution for moving heavy pallets. Its robust construction and unique safety system guarantees safe and reliable operation in your warehouse. With its compact size and block design, the manufacturer’s vertical conveyor is ideal for any size warehouse and offers a high throughput of up to 60 pallets per hour.

For packaging

Packaging solutions provide efficient cargo handling and allow you to automate the packaging of goods before they are shipped to your customers, securely packing goods into boxes or pallets. Combining packaging equipment with conveyors results in faster order picking and optimized warehouse management.

For palletizing and depalletizing. Industrial robots

The use of advanced robotic manipulators ensures complete automation of palletizing and depalletizing. Since an integral part of each of our projects is a customized approach, we are a gripper manufacturing facility to ensure that industrial robots work optimally for your specific application.

Automated equipment for warehouses and production lines using advanced robots allows you to optimize resources and work efficiently, even in limited space. They provide a wide range of motion, high precision and reliability. We provide both compact models for small spaces and more powerful, long-range models to meet the needs of every customer.

IT solutions from the manufacturer KAPELOU

WCS. The WCS (warehouse control system) is an important automation element that coordinates the operation of equipment, personnel and goods flows. It integrates strategic tasks with technological processes. It contributes to the efficiency of global warehouse management, allows you to monitor the flow of goods, automate operations, manage warehouse equipment and collect information for reporting. This equipment is sure to save time and make warehouse management more efficient and simple.

Low-code WXS platform for warehouse equipment operation

WXS. We have developed a unique low-code platform so that you provide real-time control over the flow of goods and automated coordination of processes within warehouse zones, ensuring maximum productivity. An intuitive user interface via SCADA provides complete information on the status of warehouse equipment, helping you respond quickly to any issues. With its event-driven architecture, WXS allows customers to customize business logic without a deep understanding of warehouse equipment management. KAPELOU’s WXS is an essential tool for warehouse automation that offers unrivaled flexibility and efficiency, simplifying integration and adapting to business changes.

Equipment from the manufacturer – a key tool for optimizing your warehouse processes and increasing operational efficiency

We are one of the leading manufacturers and integrators offering a wide range of equipment to optimize your warehouse processes. Our equipment and solutions meet the latest warehouse logistics requirements and customer needs, enabling companies around the world to maintain a high level of service and competitiveness in the market.

With a wide range of equipment and solutions, innovative technologies and advanced expertise, we help our customers to efficiently manage their processes and achieve high standards of quality and efficiency in warehouse management. Combinations of different types of warehouse equipment allow for maximum optimization of operations and efficient management of warehouse resources. Each of our projects has a high ROI. This allows you to recoup your investment in a short period of time, which is especially important in an uncertain environment.

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