KAPELOU is an official partner of BD Rowa in Ukraine - 1 - kapelou.comClose

KAPELOU is an official partner of BD Rowa in Ukraine

KAPELOU is an official partner of BD Rowa in Ukraine - 8 - kapelou.com

Since 2023 we have been an official partner of BD Rowa – a manufacturer of unique solutions for automation of pharmaceutical and medical logistics.

The product line of BD Rowa™ ranges from robots for automatic storage and dispensing of medicines to digital displays and self-service stations.

One of KAPELOU’s key business areas is warehouse automation for pharmaceutical distributors, for whom we have been implementing complex projects for over 10 years. Based on in-depth expertise and customer needs, these projects provide the most efficient use of available warehouse space, density and storage capacity of products, high productivity, and accuracy of picking.

BD Rowa systems are an efficient component of our projects because they are designed specifically for the handling of small items: from automated storage following GDP norms to order picking. Automated terminals enable contactless receipt of medicines, offer high-quality packaging of medicines, analyze and check patient orders for errors using image recognition technology.

The efficient AS/RS KAPELOU and BD Rowa together with our conveyor technologies are the basis for innovative projects for pharmacies and pharmaceutical distribution centers. The experience and competencies of the two companies contribute to increased productivity in pharmaceutical and medical logistics.

Thanks to KAPELOU and BD Rowa products, the time spent searching for goods during customer service is reduced by a factor of three. This is especially important during peak hours. The high level of adaptability of the solutions makes it possible to reorganize the available space in the pharmacy between the sales area and the warehouse, making the most efficient use of it.

KAPELOU systems for the pharmaceutical industry help to:

  • reduce errors;
  • optimize available space in the pharmacy by reorganizing sales and storage areas;
  • reduce time spent on storage and retrieval of goods in the warehouse;
  • make it easier for pharmacists to work behind the counter;
  • serve more customers in the same amount of time;
  • improve monitoring of stock and shelf life of goods and control actual stock levels;
  • manage returns;
  • take and collect orders at the same time.

Cooperation between KAPELOU and BD Rowa is a guarantee of maximum efficiency of selection processes, customer confidence in compliance with all product storage conditions, high level of service, and satisfaction from quick order receipt and visits to the pharmacy without queues. We are proud to be an official partner of BD Rowa and together realize projects that not only improve the experience of each participant in the pharmaceutical supply chain but also change approaches and improve the quality of each process in this area.

Reference about BD and our partner BD Rowa

BD Rowa is part of BD, a global leader in medical technology and one of the top 5 largest medical technology companies in the world. Founded in 1897, today BD has 77,000 employees. BD has divisions BD Medical, BD Interventional, BD Life Sciences and is present in more than 190 countries.

BD Rowa has been in the pharmaceutical and medical logistics market for 25 years and their products are in demand in 60 countries. BD Rowa designs, manufactures and markets its pharmaceutical and medical logistics products from its head office in Kelberg, Germany. The company has 80+ protected patents, in-house manufacturing, and more than 12,000 systems in operation worldwide.

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