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The results of 2022 for KAPELOU

The results of 2022 for KAPELOU - 8 -

“We are sure that 2022 will become more productive and eventful for us, because the KAPELOU team plans full-scale and boldly implements all plans.”

With these words we ended last year’s report on the results of 2021. What happened then in 2022 no one expected.

The organization of work during the war

In the first week of the war KAPELOU set the priority goals: to protect the lives and health of employees, to maintain operations and to use all resources to support the state. Despite the extreme conditions, we continued our work in Ukraine: we carried out maintenance, repair, installation and dismantling work and helped our customers relocate their warehouse. Our task was to carry out critical infrastructure automation projects.

The decision was immediately made to move production to a more secure location. So within two weeks, production was moved to a new location and within four weeks, production capacity was fully restored. We met the demand for KAPELOU products and services in Ukraine and delivered finished conveyor modules to customers in Europe. The office in Germany was strengthened with experts from Ukraine, who have since been working hand in hand on new projects and implementing the existing ones.

Projects and partnerships

Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine – this was the balance of KAPELOU customers in 2022. We have completed 32 projects in Ukraine and Europe and started cooperation with new strong partners. Another 24 projects are currently underway.

Projects in Ukraine. Most automation projects in Ukraine were related to critical infrastructure. The most sought-after products were modular conveyor systems and elevators, which solve the main warehouse tasks. In addition, they can be quickly put into operation, but can also be quickly dismantled and moved to another location. Services in demand included the dismantling of automation systems, platforms and mezzanines, and the relocation of warehouses. In total, we installed over 2.5 km of conveyor systems, installed pallet elevators from KAPELOU for the first time, and built over 14,000 m2 of platforms and mezzanines to increase the usable storage space in customer warehouses.


This year, the heart of our company, the production, “survived” two relocations at once. Despite all the circumstances, we have not only maintained the production, but also developed it: We purchased 5 new machines. In 2022, our employees have assembled countless assemblies and manufactured numerous individual components of varying complexity.

New products

A-Frame: This year we introduced an automated picking system with a capacity of 3,000 items per hour and fast replenishment for each channel of up to 2,000 items per hour.

UnitHub®: Last year we introduced this development: An automated picking, storage and delivery system for parcels, optionally with mobile app. In 2022, we expanded the functionality of UnitHub®: It can now be used in the pharmaceutical industry, e-commerce, distribution centers, automotive and retail. The climate-controlled equipment enables storage of almost any item.
SmartPharmaLocker: An automated system for storing and dispensing pharmaceuticals improves pharmacy efficiency, provides around-the-clock service and reduces face-to-face contact.

Trade fairs and special events

LogiMAT 2022: In the early summer of 2022, an important event was on the horizon for us, for which we had been preparing for months. Together with our partner META Regalbau, we had a stand at the largest trade fair for intralogistics and process management, the LogiMAT (more details at the link). At the event, we presented solutions for transporting and sorting parcels based on conveyor modules from our own production. We also presented Pick-by-Light and the WXS software. Our own software allows us to use conveyor modules as a plug-and-play system and start simple projects in 30 minutes.

Other events we participated in: International E-Commerce Expo (more details at the link), Kyiv Logistics School online event on “Economics of warehouse logistics” (details in the link), Expopharm 2022 (press release link), PARCEL+POST EXPO, International Supply Chain Conference 2022, “XXVII All-Ukrainian Logistics Day” (read details at the link).

Non-profit and team support

Our mission is to make the name KAPELOU synonymous with quality and innovation worldwide. We are constantly working to develop new products, improve production and drive automation in Europe. In 2022, this vision was expanded to include another important task: supporting the Ukrainian army and the 15 KAPELOU employees fighting on the front lines.

We will bring more products to the European market, support every single employee and create new jobs. Likewise, we support the Ukrainian Armed Forces with significant amounts of money.

Goals for 2023

The most important goal for 2023 is to stabilize and move closer to pre-war levels. In 2023, we will focus on the following:

  • preparing to exhibit at LogiMAT 2023 with new products;
  • establishment of a production and service department in Germany for the rapid assembly of roller, belt and vertical conveyors in large quantities for European projects;
  • expansion of production in Ukraine;
  • launch of 10 major R&D products.

This year has been full of events. It not only brought us closer together, but also showed what we are capable of. In 2022, against all odds, we fulfilled all our commitments from the projects, successfully represented the company at LogiMAT 2022 and strengthened our team with 32 outstanding professionals. We expanded production in Ukraine and opened a large assembly plant in Germany. We have invested in research and development and laid the foundation for launching new products on the market.

And whatever awaits us in 2023, we will not be defeated and are already taking the first steps to implement our plans. We hope for a successful year 2023!

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