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KAPELOU: 11 Years of Intralogistics Innovations

KAPELOU: 11 Years of Intralogistics Innovations - 8 - kapelou.com

We are 11! And we have come a long way.

Once a small team of enthusiasts has grown to become a leader in the warehouse logistics industry in Ukraine.

All thanks to hard work, innovations and an irresistible desire for excellence.

Transformation from within: from Integrator to Manufacturer

The last few years have seen a period of significant updates for us as a warehouse logistics integrator. During this time, we have improved, expanded our structure and optimised our processes. Now we are opening new business areas and continue to grow rapidly.

Today we are a Group of companies, each of which operates in its own direction of expertise, but shares common values and approaches.
Today, Group’s activities are focused on three key areas:

  1. Engineering – development of integrated solutions for warehouse logistics, integration of equipment at customers’ warehouses; service.
  2. Production – manufacturing of warehouse equipment using high-precision machine tools.
  3. R&D – research and development of new products and technologies.

KAPELOU is synonymous with reliability

We are trusted in Ukraine and abroad. After all, we have always been guided by the principles of reliability and quality in our activities. The effectiveness and efficiency of our integrated solutions have been highly appreciated by partners – we have implemented more than 700 projects in 14 countries.

Quality is the result of the daily efforts of each employee. And to maintain the highest level of quality in all areas of our business, as the warehouse logistics integrator we invest heavily in our development. In particular, in our own production in Ukraine.

Our 21 000 m2 production facilities are one of the KAPELOU Group’s most important areas of expertise, which offers significant benefits to our customers. It includes 8 production sites equipped with high-precision machines. Experienced operators work exclusively with certified European raw materials, which guarantees high quality at every stage of the production cycle. Thanks to this, we ensure the reliability of our equipment, which is confirmed by its long service life. More information on the production of warehouse equipment can be found here.

Expanding our Horizons

Our partners play an important role in expanding our presence on international markets. Thanks to our cooperation with META, Quantum International and VOYATZOGLOU we as a warehouse logistics system integrator can better understand local needs and adapt to the specifics of each market.

An important event for us was the start of cooperation with BD ROWA, a well-known global leader in the production of pharmacy robots. Since the end of 2023, we have been the official partner of BD ROWA in Ukraine. This strategic partnership has expanded our capabilities and tools as an integrator of integrated solutions for pharmaceutical distribution warehouses and pharmacies. The robotic systems, which we implement, accelerate and facilitate product picking and order consolidation.

As a leading integrator in the industry, we develop innovations that not only increase warehouse throughput, optimise workflows, reduce staffing requirements, but also significantly reduce logistics costs. Our projects in the retail, e-commerce, automotive, manufacturing, DIY, pharmaceutical, and postal sectors demonstrate our ability to solve the most complex problems and maintain high efficiency standards.

Oleksandr Truba, CEO of the company, says: ‘In dark times, you can see the bright people better. The same can be said about companies. Our clients are strong, courageous leaders who strive to grow and improve their efficiency. KAPELOU offers businesses an unwavering and reliable shoulder to help them on this way. By developing others, we develop ourselves. This is the only way we can be of maximum benefit to our partners. We are optimistic about the future and are creating it today’.

Innovation is a must-have

Over the past few years, we have integrated a number of innovative products that are already successfully operating in our customers’ warehouses, demonstrating high efficiency and reliability. Every year, we present our new developments at LogiMAT, the largest logistics exhibition in the world. You can also see and test the equipment and technologies on a daily basis in our demo area at our German office.

We are proud that our innovative products and technologies contribute to the improvement of business both in Ukraine and abroad. By implementing complex turnkey automation and robotics projects in the logistics sector, we take care of all the hassle, allowing our customers to focus on their immediate tasks. Our most popular products are belt and roller conveyors, vertical box and vertical pallet conveyors and pallet gravity systems. At the same time, products such as A-frame, AS/RS Gnom and Mini-Load are undergoing their first integrations. This means that our team still has many interesting and important tasks ahead.

The Growth in Numbers:

  • more than 700 projects implemented at enterprises in 14 countries
  • over 123,000 m of conveyor systems installed
  • more than 480,500 sq m of platforms and mezzanines built
  • over 21,000 sq m of own production facilities
  • more than 200 employees
  • 8 production sites
  • 24/7 service support

Our employees have learnt to turn challenges into a driving force. Working selflessly and efficiently has been the work style of everyone since the first day of the organisation’s existence. As an integrator, we meet logistics market requirements and at the same time implement innovations that have no analogues in Ukraine. We listen to our customers’ opinions and offer the best variants that are 100% in line with the needs of their warehouses.

We are developing rapidly as a warehouse equipment manufacturer and integrator, and we are constantly striving to achieve our goal of increasing the efficiency of warehouse logistics in Ukraine and Europe. We are ready to implement effective strides for your development.

Contact us to learn more about modern technologies that will help your business grow!

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