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KAPELOU at the International Supply Chain Conference 2022

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From 19 to 21 October, KAPELOU was represented at the International Supply Chain Conference 2022. The conference took place in Berlin and was organised by BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik).

At the conference, KAPELOU representatives reported on their own experiences in overcoming challenges in warehouse logistics. Company owner Oleksandr Klymenko, who had accepted an invitation to the BVL podcast, spoke about the plans of the KAPELOU group of companies in Europe and also described the special features of doing business in Ukraine:

  • how logistics changed during the war;
  • what the general logistics situation in Ukraine was like;
  • what difficulties the company had faced;
  • how we overcame them thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team.


The company owner described the experience of relocating the company, describing the increased need for automation due to staff shortages, logistical problems and disruptions resulting from the refurbishment or reconstruction of warehouses. He also pointed out that the automation equipment must be “mobile” and the processes flexible; automation must be implemented quickly and offer the possibility of remote maintenance.

The company owner described the company’s experience in dealing with the consequences of unforeseen events as follows: “KAPELOU’s largest production sites were located in the Kiev region when Russia occupied the territory; the company’s research and development centre was in Kharkiv and KAPELOU’s headquarters were in Kiev. The invasion of Russia naturally affected us and the speed with which important decisions had to be made.

The possibility of having employees work remotely, the relocation of production and assembly to the west of Ukraine – these steps meant that we were able to resume production just two weeks after the large-scale invasion and were working at full capacity within four weeks.

The difficult period showed us that the key to KAPELOU’s success lies in teamwork, understanding of the overall situation in the company, full support and one hundred percent commitment of the employees“.

We thank Mr Felgendreher for his interest in the KAPELOU experience. A podcast with Oleksandr Klymenko will be available soon at: https://bvl-digital.de/podcast/.

Despite the most difficult conditions, we not only implement critical infrastructure projects in Ukraine, but also receive orders for warehouse automation in Europe, fulfil our obligations on time, improve existing products and develop new ones. Every day we face numerous challenges to make the KAPELOU name synonymous with quality and reliability in every country in Europe.

Active participation in the BVL Congress means being among the world’s leading intralogistics companies, sharing your own experiences and learning from other companies at the same time. It is a place where trends are created and implemented. At the congress, we had the opportunity to discuss trends and developments in the business and to network with the logistics community.



BVL International aims to communicate the importance of supply chain management and logistics and to promote their development. BVL is an open network of people who actively advocate for efficient cooperation in a globalised economy.

More than 3,000 participants from over 40 nations came together in real and digital terms. They all had the opportunity to discuss trends in the business and logistics sector. These included digitalisation, technology, sustainability, artificial intelligence, intralogistics and cyber security. The congress also included the traditional presentation of the German Logistics Award, which recognises innovations in the industry.

Logistics is an innovative and future-oriented industry that can reduce global problems in times of crisis by acting efficiently. The industry must constantly learn in order to create effective solutions and underline its systemic relevance. Events like this offer the opportunity to make personal contacts, talk to experts, attend seminars and be inspired by the experiences of other companies in the exhibition accompanying the congress. It is also a good opportunity to share knowledge and experiences to set the logistics agenda for the years to come.

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